FCR-Technologie - LOEWE MARINE


Leveraging efficiencies and conserving resources: FCR (Fuel-Cost Reduction) technology based on our EPF (Environmental Protection Force) platform

Pioneering technology: FCR & EPF

By systematically implementing our FCR (Fuel Cost Reduction) technology on our proprietary EPF (Environmental Protection Force) platform, we are leveraging efficiencies, conserving resources and taking responsibility for protecting the environment.

Our EPF drives and facilitates

  • the development of products for propulsion optimisation
  • the development of products for propulsion optimisation
  • efficient use of supplies and equipment
  • emission reductions
  • awareness of environmental sustainability among all parties involved in ship design and production

By implementing our FCR technology on the LOEWE EPF platform, we are leading the way and inspiring our employees, suppliers and customers to respect the environment in their everyday production and transportation endeavours. The key to turning this inspiration into reality is to make optimal use of our products and services.


The overarching purpose of our FCR and EPF solutions, apart from reducing noise and exhaust emissions, is to conserve fuel and other resources and supplies in ship production and ship operation.

These initiatives are supported by internal rules and policies which ensure that we are at all times acting in strict compliance with general environmental rules and standards in off and on-shore operations.


This philosophy is underpinned by the ongoing professional development of our employees and the continuous optimisation of our products. Together with our partners and customers, we have charted a clear and unequivocal course for the future. The destination? Ongoing reduction of emissions and conservation of resources.