(November 2020) Flap Rudder Replacement: final spurt!


A German shipowner had to claim the loss of a high-lift flap rudder system at one of his MPPs a few weeks ago. LOEWE MARINE was contracted to do booth, a root cause analysis of the failed rudder (built by another company) incl. a new design and to produce a classed approved replacement flap rudder in Germany adjusted to the original undamaged rudder stock and trunk system. Our design team in Bremen finalized the engineering part incl. FE-analysis at very short notice.

Today we have finalized the steel work of the flap rudder blade in due course and shipped it to meet the original rudder stock for the final machining and the class requested blue print testing.

The final assembly of the rudder blade and flap incl. painting will take place end of next week before we will transport the system to the shipyard.

Additionally, to the installation advisory for the rudder system our service team will perform the steering gear maintenance.

Thank you to the dedicated team members of LOEWE MARINE and our partners, who are making this all possible by motivated teamwork. Competent and efficient - and most important: Healthy and with a smile!

We will keep you updated about the last steps - not to run out of rudder anymore!